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Matchbox Trivia

  • Product Code: 1452.2301.71
  • RRP: £5.00

Strike up the fun at any dinner party or get-together with this terrific range of matchbox trivia. These entertaining games come in an assortment of 18 with a free counter display!

Titles included: The Great Debate, Devilish Dilemmas, Bizarre Trivia, After Dinner Quiz, Quick Fire Quiz and Amazing Facts.

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  • After Dinner Quiz

    80 themed trivia cards to STRIKE UP some fun at any get-together! Sports, Music, Science, History, Geography or Entertainment...take your pick!

  • Devilsh Dilemmas

    80 fun dilemma cards that will STRIKE UP conversation and have even the most decisive questioning themselves!

  • Bizarre Trivia

    80 question cards of a weird and wonderful nature to STRIKE UP fun at any get-together!

  • Amazing Facts

    True or False? 80 fascinating Q & A cards to STRIKE UP fun and conversation at any get-together!

  • Quick Fire Quiz

    80 quick-fire quiz cards for fact fans - STRIKE UP some fun!

  • The Great Debate

    80 debatable subject cards - stand on your soapbox and STRIKE UP the debate!