Taskmaster Expansion Pack

Welcome to the Taskmaster Game expansion pack! Includes 40 BRAND NEW ludicrous task cards including 10 NEW & EXCLUSIVE video tasks from Alex Horne himself! The video tasks may change to new challenges set by Alex but don't worry we'll announce when these special edition tasks are released! A new twist to the EXPANSION PACK is 10 new PRIZE TASKS to raise the stakes of the game - the illustrious winner takes all prizes! Included in the pack is your very own Little Alex Horne to indulge your every whim. Some of the expansion pack tasks will see your Little Alex degraded in new and humiliating ways that even the Taskmaster might not stoop to. Make good choices and remember, the TASKMASTER'S word is final and you are still only here to serve the TASKMASTER! Based on Dave's number one entertainment show hosted by the mountainous Greg Davies and his assistant Little Alex Horne. Photography by UKTV/Avalon Copyright © Avalon Television 2020
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3+ players
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